My name is Garrick Gibson, an information designer based in Jacksonville, Florida. I have a passion design and personal transformation.

I use pictures, symbols, colors and words to solve complex issues, tell a story, communicate ideas and create understanding in visually compelling way.

More to come…


8 Responses to About

  1. Garrick, This is a beautiful site. I would love to feature it on my blog, http://www.InhabitYourDreams.com. I am acquainted with Ronique via LinnkedIn. Please be in touch — I look forward to that! Thanks, Aysha

  2. Tracy Mitchell Griggs says:

    Is this an outgrowth of a coaching business you have? I am acquainted with your wife via Facebook (am a former interior design journalist) and saw this post today.

  3. kelliwillard says:

    i really enjoy all your graphics! they are very eye catching and convey information well…i have a blog about my journey this year to regain balance and REJOICE! in the journey. glad you are on the journey, too πŸ™‚

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