Manifesting: Live the dream and not the fear!

For a very long time I created and recreated my fears, the things I did not believe I could have, yet desired, and lived a see-saw existence of having and not having because I misappropriated my faith. I backed the wrong horse. I believed in my fear and had no doubts about my fear becoming my reality and it did; bitching, moaning, and complaining with passion gave birth to lack in every area of my life. And when good things did happen [the exception and not the rule for my life] I did not trust that the good stuff would stay and it didn’t!

There are no coincidental occurrences. Nothing happens by chance. For every action there is an equal or greater reaction that will either enhance or diminish your life experience. Energy follows attention and will create that which you place your attention on. I placed my attention on my lack and/or fear of lack. I nurtured my beliefs 24/7 either with words or my thought life. You know the drill: Do what you have always done and you get what you’ve always got; and I did … Laughing out loud.

Flipping the script

Live your dreams and not your fears. Take the same measure of faith, energy, and passion you used to create the things you didn’t want, to create the things that you do want. Do you want to …

Create more income
Manage work related stress
Develop healthy relationships
Create a healthy body
Balance your emotions
Find mental clarity
Tap into your spirituality … and much more now!

Create with intent; make your desires your reality. The following process tells you how. All you need do is to become willing to do the work. Faith applied without work will not equal your vision. Direct your attention away from that which you do not want and place it on that which you desire. Participate in behaviors that support the creation of your identified goal(s) on the days you brush your teeth.

Strong emotions, a clear vision, specific steps, plus the consent to have, is how you create with or without intent.

Process: visualization with meditation

Create a visual image or symbol that represents what you want to create
Commit image to memory by focusing on it for 30 to 60 seconds
Place tongue on the roof of your mouth with the tip behind your front teeth
Find your comfortable seated position,
Relax your shoulders
Elongate neck by dropping head forward/lowering chin
You can place hands in prayer position at your heart or place them on your thighs with your palms up or down.
Close your eyes lifting your gaze to the third eye position and recall your image or symbol, see that picture in your mind’s eye.
Sit with the image that represents what you want to create for 20 minutes inhaling and exhaling through your nose
Repeat this process in the morning before you start your day and at bedtime; this should be the last thing you envision before you retire. Think of this practice as an adult bedtime movie/video written and produced for you by you!

Note: If your mind should wonder, don’t judge this event, simply note where you went, to the past or to the future, and then bring your gaze back to center (third eye) and resume nurturing your visual!

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