Life is not about me, it’s about we

We all have goals that we want to achieve in our own self-interest. Some are major bucket list items and others are more common things like earning more money, getting a job promotion, finding a relationship, launching a business or starting a family. No matter what your goals are; you seeking them in the hope of finding happiness. How many times have completed one of your goal items to only find your happiness short-lived? You find yourself thinking, “Is that all?” So, why isn’t what we thought would make us happy or satisfied never enough? I believe that when we are reaching to achieve goals, we are really looking for fulfillment. Achieving fulfillment requires giving of yourself to help others and make a difference not only for your immediate circle, but for generations to come.

Zig Ziglar says, “You can have everything in life you want, if you’ll just help enough other people get what they want.” Deep down we all want to do something significant and make our mark in the world. In order to make a such a contribution we must first stretch ourselves. We must grow to the level of what we want to become by sharping our minds, improving our skills, taking personal responsibility and cultivating relationships. This can be scary at times because it requires us to do things we are not often comfortable doing, even terrifying at times. A great quote that puts that in perspective is: “What we fear doing most is usually what we most need to do.” – Timothy Ferriss. Below is a model to help myself and others stay on the path to fulfillment:

Seven pathways to a more fulfilling life


About Garrick Gibson
Garrick Gibson, an alumnus of Florida A and M University is an HBCU advocate, designer, marathoner and blogger at HBCU Lifestyle. His passion for healthy living and raising college-bound children has led him to co-found HBCU Lifestyle, and inspire students and parents to preserve the HBCU tradition.

5 Responses to Life is not about me, it’s about we

  1. Garrick – your post are always thought provoking and the visuals support your text on all points. with that said, I think it is important to note that in our individual lives, the me must come first so that we can expand to the we perspective. Before we can say yes we can, we must say yes I can.

    As we seek to improve, create, and/or move from one level to the next, giving oneself permission to do so is key. I fully understand that we are not islands and the collective energy is an additive to our energetic flow thereby making the changes/accomplishments easier to obtain. However, self-full behaviors like putting ourselves on the “bucket list” and nurturing our body-mind-spirit connection, as well as understanding that we must empty our plate of stuff that is not ours authentically to own, fix, or change are essential components too, to having a fulfilled life. When we are straight [ balanced- whole-complete] we can reach out and assist others to make their dreams realities. Charity/good works start at home (self) and then spread abroad (others). You can’t give to anyone what you haven’t given to yourself.

    So, why isn’t what we thought would make us happy or satisfied never enough?

    I don’t believe that what we wanted and achieved is the reason we are not happy or we feel as if it isn’t enough. Perhaps it’s the idea or belief that by achieving that specific goal you will have made it, nothing else left to do … not. I think the realization in the moment you recognized that “it” was not enough is the awakening to the truth that we never stop becoming and never stop needing to become. We need to move, to climb the next mountain that certainly appeared as you achieved your goal. A fulfilling life is a continuum of goals and dreams to be achieved.

    When i completed the work on my book, AH-HA MOMENTS, I asked myself, is this it; what now? The truth is I climbed one mountain and another one appeared, marketing and distribution. It was the doing that brought the feeling of accomplishment; the journey itself. Once achieved, I needed a new goal, a new dream, that new mountain to climb.

    Thanks for the cause to pause and the opportunity to share my thoughts.

    • Jeanne says:

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