Theme for 2012: Don’t give a rip what anyone thinks!

2011 has been a big year for me, in both the personal and professional arenas. I can honestly say I have raised he bar in my the mental, physical, spiritual and emotional pillars. The point of life is eternal growth and we all came here to be creators. According to Abraham: “You never get it done, and you can never get it wrong”, and that’s a good thing. So, with this in mind – I want to be even more deliberate going into the new year. As a designer, whenever I start a creative project I always come up with a theme before I dig in. This sets tone of the overall project, keep me inspired and allows me to stay in alignment with my vision. In a recently heard a quote in a documentary that said, “The greatest prison that people live is the fear of what other people think.” That spoke volumes to me. It’s only when you step out of this fear, that you set yourself free of this self-imposed mental prison. You begin to realize how much external influences control our daily lives and dictate what is the norm, what is acceptable, what we should believe, say and think. Moving into 2012, I want to transition out of this pen by expressing my uniqueness in a bigger way. It’s time to stop being what is perceived as “normal” – that has limitation written all over it. The reality is “No one who was normal ever made history.”

“We have been trained to live in fear and mindlessly behave like everyone around us…It’s time to break free from that cycle, start thinking for yourself and take what’s rightfully yours in life.”

~ Jad T Jones

Special thanks to Dolores Morford for inspiring this visualiztion.


About Garrick Gibson
Garrick Gibson, an alumnus of Florida A and M University is an HBCU advocate, designer, marathoner and blogger at HBCU Lifestyle. His passion for healthy living and raising college-bound children has led him to co-found HBCU Lifestyle, and inspire students and parents to preserve the HBCU tradition.

One Response to Theme for 2012: Don’t give a rip what anyone thinks!

  1. Wonderfully written piece Garrick. You have provided a great many things to ponder that will ultimately guide each of us, who heard you, to move into the new year with greater insights and an action plan for 2012 that if followed, we will soar!

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