The Thrill is Gone: Getting Back on Track after a Fitness Fizzle

Back in March of this year I completed my second Gate River Run 15k. This event is considered one of the biggest sporting events of the year in northeast Florida, so needless to say there was a lot of anticipation leading up to the race.  I trained regularly for close to 3 months in preparation. I had a tons of motivation to workout since there was no shortage of people training for this run,  I had several friends to train with. Even when I trained on my own, I would always met other people training for the Gate. Whether it was on the road, at the gym or in the park. When race day finally came around, it was a cool crisp day with clear skies. You couldn’t ask for better running conditions. I had a great experience and when it was all said and done I achieved a new personal record (PR) by shaving off 30 minutes from my previous race finish. All the hard training and diet preparation had paid off.

So now what? As the old Blues song from B.B. King goes: “The Thrill Is Gone.”  There was an obvious void after the thrilling experience of completing the Gate River Run. I took a much needed break after the race, but the break continued for longer than anticipated. I began to realize that I was not motivated to get back to my consistent cross training, running and diet regiments. After speaking with a few other about this challenge, I realized I was not alone in my lack of motivation and the answer became clear: I didn’t have a clear plan of action for my fitness goals. Sure, I had some general goals, but they were not drilled down enough and not scheduled out over time. Though my experience I have created visualization of 5 motivating factors that helped me get my fitness groove back:

5 Tips for get your Fitness Groove Back


About Garrick Gibson
Garrick Gibson, an alumnus of Florida A and M University is an HBCU advocate, designer, marathoner and blogger at HBCU Lifestyle. His passion for healthy living and raising college-bound children has led him to co-found HBCU Lifestyle, and inspire students and parents to preserve the HBCU tradition.

One Response to The Thrill is Gone: Getting Back on Track after a Fitness Fizzle

  1. The Thrill Is Gone, you got that right. When you’re having not just one of those days,but a season when nothing seems to work out right, getting your groove back is just what the doctor ordered. Thanks for sharing and providing a process that works for any situation where motivation to do is lost.

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