A story of moving beyond stuck

We are not defined by who we are, but by who we are becoming

Everything that has personal, professional, and spiritual meaning for me today began with a choice to do something different. Albuquerque, New Mexico was my Turning Point…

Up until that time, one of my favorite quotes used to be: “When you are stuck, throw a hand grenade, close your eyes, and JUMP!” Why was this one of my favorite quotes? Because I felt as if that was the only way I could move when I was stuck with no perceivable way out. You could say it was a “leap of faith,” but it wasn’t. It was more like a stab in the dark and my way of “busting loose.” However, that approach was not the best way to handle what I thought were insurmountable circumstances. When I jumped with my eyes closed I never knew where I would land. I often found that I had exchanged the skillet for the frying pan.

My dream job as a Hospice Nurse turned into a not so beautiful nightmare when downsizing reordered my life and I found myself without a job and receiving unemployment … When I received the notice from the state informing me that my benefits were nearly depleted, reality hit me like a brick. I had to get a job — and with a quickness. I was back to being placed through home health agencies, something I had done earlier in my nursing career. “Oh boy”, I sighed. I remembered why I traded the hospital setting for home health — too much drama! I had now traded the skillet for the frying pan. And I’m looking at a request from the city to vacate the premises. Where is that hand grenade? Life sucked.

There are times in life when you need something to help you navigate through and around rough waters until you are able to float your own boat, like how I dealt with the dismantling of a dream and my identity. I had defined myself by what I had become: a Hospice Nurse. I had attached my personal power to a position. And I did not know if I could be anything else. I felt powerless.

I needed to do something different. However, knowing that I needed to do something different was not enough; I had to want to do something different. I had to become sick and tired of being “sick and tired.” I had to become teachable. I had to stop running away from myself; and run towards ME. So, in July of 1993, I relocated to Albuquerque, New Mexico with my family, and I moved from Hospice Nurse to Life Coach.

Truth: We will not live up to our potential until we give ourselves permission to move beyond the words; to live boldly and to take measured risks.

Here are some pointers I have personally found helpful in motivating myself:

Take Charge of your Destiny


2 Responses to A story of moving beyond stuck

  1. Love the sick and tired of being sick and tired. Know all about that!! It was that exact element that brought massive change to my life. I had lived my whole life being obese. I had a spiritual awakening on the beach one day and chose in that moment to change my life.

    That moment was almost 8 years ago and my entire life has been transformed. I lost over 240 pounds, left an abusive marriage, left a corporate job, lived through a life threatening illness and am sill smilin!

    I have sought help in every area of my life and have been able to create a life most are envious of. I too am a coach! I now lead an amazing organization called Character Counts! in Jacksonville. It is the job I have been waiting on my whole life.

    I know that asking for help is a key to meaningful change. I wrote a workbook and currently let non-profits use it to help their clients understand the value of asking for help. Writing that book changed my whole view of asking for help. I had learned of the importance when I decided to loose the weight. As my journey continued the skill of asking for the right help, for the right reason became more and more important to my success.

    I salute your journey and send blessings of peace and abundance as you move forward.

    • Florence, you made my day. My heart was filled with pride as I read your story. You are a phenomenal woman. I congradulate you on all your sucesses. To shed over 240 pounds was fantastic but to leave all the toxic relationships in your life is an example of the domino effect. When we change just one thing, everything changes.

      I am tickled pink to now be acquainted with another coach in the Jacksonville area. Perhaps we can do lunch or just sit and share! We have a lot in common, I too have written a workbook and am in the process of exploring printing options.

      Again, thanks for the shout. Peace and Blessings



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